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Lenovo is one of the most renowned companies for laptops on a budget, low and high range. But the legion series is known for its beast gaming specs. And the new Lenovo legion 7i is maybe the best of that all series . some of its specifications are just awesome. A perfect gamer laptop when the power in on. why I am saying this? you will get to know later in the blog. 

lenovo legion 7i


The first look is like a notepad. because a stripe is there on the back and this may seem to you like a notebook. It has a professional look and the skin is shiny which makes it look more premium, The body is made up of aluminum and the full-body even the chassis is aluminum build. The interesting fact is that the ports are not on the left or right side it is on the backside. Its weight is around 2254 grams. One of the profitable and cool features os that there are air vents on the downwards side, two on the backside on both the side also for the intake and outlet fo air that make really good. One more interesting feature is that it has a nearly 180-degree hinge angle. The hinge is too flimsy, not very loose. 


The keyboard is really very fascinating and very good for gaming and typing. Let us first come to the key. the key is Quite big and is a curved corner geometrical shape key.  The tap response is very fast. Typing on the keyboard has a pleasant feel. It is a full-fledged keyword num pad that is on the right side and arrow keys are also available... The touchpad is average-sized.

keyboard of legion 7i


Starting the laptop, when the power switches on gamers will become a fan. because when you start the laptop the RGB lights will fascinate everyone. The RGB lights are there on the keyboard, totally RGB keyboard, RGB on both sides, and even o the backward. you can customize the RGB of the keyboard that is just eye seeking and the keyboard is very bright. They especially take care of the small pinpoints. which is very good. Perfect gamer look. Few bezels are there which is an odd point on the fascinating look. and is hurting for a gamer.

keyboard of the laptop
the RGB keyboard of the laptop 



16 GB (8+8) is there inbuilt and is expandable up to 32 Gb. The speed will be awesome as 3200 MHz which will speed up your processing issue. which is awesome. And for gaming minimum of 16 Gb RAM is required for smoothness and no lag gaming.


1 TB PCIe SSD which is moderate fast and which is good for gaming storage and windows start and processing very fast. 

lenovo legion 7i
the screen of the laptop 


The processor in this is into; core i7 10th generation 10875H which is good for gaming but I would prefer more the ryzen cpu , And the GPU is NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 SUper max Q  a top-notch graphic card for gaming. No lags. 

The benchmarks are awesome every game had average gaming FPS from 100- 120 FPS which is best for gaming. The FPS is measured in ultra settings of 5 games. And we want to take more time to take the fps measuring. But till now the best FPS is, measured till now.


The battery is of 80 WH which gives you a back up for 5-6 hours and if you are playing games continuously without no break then the back up will be for 2-3 hours. But the charging is much fast, 53% charge in 30 minutes. But the charge totally depends upon the charger's health and the atmosphere. 

SOUND - The sound is clear or we could say crystal clear but not that much high. you would enjoy the multimedia.

CONNECTIVITY - WIFI 6 AND BLUETOOTH 5.0 Which is very fast. So there is no issue for                                         connectivity 


ports of the laptop
port in the laptop on the backside 


Lenovo VANTAGE is software already given in the pack that helps to manage the CPU and GPU dashboard which will show the performance of the CPU and GPU. And you could change the profile like when you are working and you want silent, you can change the profile set to silent. And if you are doing heavy gaming, You could change the profile to performance mode. you can customize the RGB color on the keyboard by the corsair software given on the laptop. Windows 10 professional is given on the laptop inbuilt. 

180 degree hinge angle
nearly 180-degree hinge angle


Heating effect - There are no issues with heating. It is unbelievable that there is not a bit if the heating issue 


The laptop is really beast for gaming. It is best for content creators. The performance is overwhelming. The RGB all over is perfect for gaming design and look. And the laptop is a bit pricy. I think the price is but high. The amazing this is that there is no heating issue after playing and processing games for one and a half hours. Maybe its awesome cooling fans. But the fro better performance and beast gaming I will definitely recommend this product if this product is in your budget. So the laptop is perfect for gaming. You may \go for it. The best pleasure you will get on playing on this laptop / The best FPS. I had tried GTA V, PUB G, and Red dead redemption 2 like more games in high settings. 


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